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Spin off company from the Centre for Genomic Regulation

(Barcelona - Spain) founded by experienced entrepreneurs and funded

by invivo Ventures.

Addetto al laboratorio

Building on more than 10 years of research funded with over 14m € by Spanish and EU grant agencies.

Pulmobiotics has raised 2m € in seed investment and 3,5m € in non-dilutive funding


 Pulmobiotics will use its unique and protected genetic toolkit to develop novel live biotherapeutics for the treatment of respiratory diseases

Global causes of death

 A new delivery sytem to provide solutions

for different lung diseases.

 Respiratory diseases are among the most common causes

of severe illness and death worldwide.

Ischaemic heart disease
Respiratory disease *
Neonatal conditions
Alzheimer / Other dementias
Diarrhoeal disease
Diabetes mellitus
Kidney disease

Cirrhosis of the liver
Road injury





 Respiratory Crude death rate (per 10.000 population)




 * Respiratory diseases include COPD, Lower respiratory infections, and cancers (trachea, bronchus and lung)


 A new delivery system to provide solution for different lung disease


 Pulmobiotics’ genome editing tools can be adapted to modify

the genome of different bacteria


AAAGet in touch if you are interested in knowing more or collaborating with us.

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