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Interdisciplinary collaborators

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Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG)

The Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) is an international biomedical research institute of excellence, created in December 2000. The mission of the CRG is to discover and advance knowledge for the benefit of society, public health and economic prosperity. The CRG believes that the medicine of the future depends on the groundbreaking science of today. This requires an interdisciplinary scientific team focused on understanding the complexity of life from the genome to the cell to a whole organism and its interaction with the environment, offering an integrated view of genetic diseases.


Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS)

Founded in 1996, the Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) is a biomedical research centre of excellence that addresses the most common illnesses of our environment. It is a public consortium comprising the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Clínic Barcelona, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Barcelona and the CSIC Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona.  About 1,500 professionals are organised in a hundred research groups. The institute carries out translational research, that is, it focuses on ensuring that the questions that arise at the bed of the patient have a response in the laboratory and that the advances made in the laboratory are promptly applied to patients. With over 1,200 articles published annually, it is the main biomedical research centre in Spain.


Animal Health Research Center IRTA-CReSA

The Animal Health Research Center IRTA-CReSA is part of IRTA, a research institute owned by the Government of Catalonia adscribed to the Department of Agriculture. The research of IRTA-CReSA belongs to the Animal Production Area and the Animal Health Program. In this program, the research is classified in three different subprograms: endemic diseases, exotic diseases and epidemiology and risk assessment. We develop research and development programs within the animal health field and transfer the scientific advances that we achieve to the sector. We also offer services within the research and development field by means of arranged R&D programs.


Agrobiotechnology Institute

The Agrobiotechnology Institute (IDAB) is a joint research institute of CSIC and the government of Navarre. Its objective is generating new knowledge to meet social demands in areas of agricultural sciences using biotechnology tools known as agrobiotechnology

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Deloitte is an independent corporate finance and strategic consultancy for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The Firm offers consulting on corporate finance, and financial and strategic matters to SMEs in a development / expansion stage.



Empowering Innovation in Emerging Therapeutics.

The specific needs of your complex project require microbial biomanufacturing expertise.

A one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work. For the technical expertise, adaptability, and personalized attention your intricate project demands, choose AcuraBio.

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Established in 2002 by Professor Mike Rubinstein, Quay Pharma is an independent, privately-owned company with the scientific expertise to respond flexibly to each new challenge, and give every project the best possible chance of a successful clinical trial.

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VCLC - Voisin Consulting Life Sciences

Voisin Consulting Life Sciences (VCLS) is a team of more than 200 life sciences professionals, committed to delivering innovative therapies to patients. We believe that product development must be driven by a solid understanding of the environment within which the product will be launched, and the criteria by which elements of the development will be assessed by both regulators and payers.

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Despacho de abogados global, dinámico e innovador, referente en el asesoramiento jurídico integral que cubre íntegramente todas las disciplinas del derecho.



A biomedical research centre that works to achieve a society free of diseases. Our mission is to carry out multidisciplinary research of excellence to offer pioneering solutions to unresolved medical needs in cancer and other diseases linked to ageing.



Invivio Ventures

Invivo Ventures is a VC fund focused on investing in early-stage companies in the Healthcare sector: biotechnology, medical devices and e-Health. Invivo Ventures is managed by Invivo Capital Partners, promoted by Albert Ferrer and Lluís Pareras, with the experience gained through the first fund Healthequity SCR. The fund has achieved a first closing of 40M €.

Invivo Ventures has a team of highly qualified professionals, with the scientific, technical and financial know-how required to analyze and make investments to provide value to the invested company. It also has a network of contacts and key strategic relationships in the health ecosystem.

Invivo Ventures FCR has been registered to the CNMV in March 2019. It is a fund financed by the European Investment Fund (EIF), Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO), the Institut Català de Finances (ICF) and other private investors.

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