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Our first live biotherapeutics product is for the treatment of Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), a type of pneumonia that develops 48–72 hours following endotracheal intubation of patients required assisted ventilation [1-3].

  • Around 400,000 VAP cases/year in Europe and USA VAP mortality 3 - 17%

  • Increases intensive care unit (ICU) stay between 4 and 13 days

  • Incremental hospitalization costs of 25,000$ - 40,000$ per  diagnosis (USA)

  • 50% of all antibiotics administered in ICUs are for treatment  of VAP

  • Significant resistance to antibiotics: 8.3% vancomycin, 50% methilin, rising for piperacillin-tazobactam (PTZ), amikacin and imipenem (IPM)


Our innovative solution

Our VAP product uses attenuated lung bacteria to deliver therapeutic agents with antibacterial activity in the lung in a controlled, local and continuous manner.
This product has already demonstrated activity in vitro and in animal models.


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[2] Kalanuria, Ventilator-associated pneumonia in the ICU. Crit Care, 2014.
[3] Fernandez-Barat, Biofilms in ventilator-associated pneumonia. Future Microbiol, 2016


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