From Systems to Synthetic Biology:

quantitative understandig for rational engineering


Building on over 10 years of research funded with over 14m € by Spanish and EU grant agencies (details here), we have developed a proprietary microbial engineering and synthetic biology toolbox that underpins a novel live biotherapeutics platform.

 A novel live biotherapeutic platform for treating human lung diseases

 Our platform is based on attenuated lung bacteria able to expose antigens or deliver therapeutic agents in the lung in a controlled, local and continuous manner. It allows engineering of multiple genetic circuits to specifically target and deliver payloads.

 Lung Cancer

 Infectious diseases

 Chronic obstructive

pulmonary disease

 Infectious diseases

 Cystic Fibrosis

 Infectious diseases


 Lung Cancer

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 Academic project funding

(awarded to CRG or to consortia participated by CRG)

ERC Proof of Concept grant 335010 “Mico pLung” (2014): 150,000€


ERC grant 670216 “MycoChassis” (2015): 2,454,522€


EU Horizon 2020 grant 634942 “MycoSynVac” (2015): 8,000,000€


EraSynBio “MiniCell” (2015): 200,000€


Miguel Servet ISCIII (2017): 121,500€


EU Horizon 2020 grant 820699 “BioRoboost” (2018): 1,998,787,50€


ERC Proof of Concept grant 825566 “MycoVAP” (2018): 150,000€


La Caixa Health “MycoVAP” (2019): 999,528€


Pioneering live biotherapeutics

in the respiratory tract.


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